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The first two items I won at the estate auction of a prominent local attorney.  He and his wife had traveled extensively throughout the world.  Judging by the majority of furnishings that were up for auction, they had a fondness for the Orient. 

It was love at first sight when I saw this table.  It is 17 1/2" high and 17 1/2" wide (widest point to widest point) and weighs 21 pounds (9.8 kilos).  I believe it is a tropical wood, like mahogany or rosewood.  There are four legs, with claw and ball feet.  The top is a slab of pink marble (looks yellow-ish in the photos).   The table is carved, with flowers on the wood that forms a square between the legs, and a "demon" face on each corner.  When I took it home and flipped it over for closer inspection and dusting, I found a small yellowed piece of typewritten paper affixed to the underside (nearly impossible to photograph; see below) that said:  " SAVE -- Companion piece of this antique stand is located at Museum of University of Vermont, Burlington VT.  We saw it and compared Oct 1971."   There is a second sticker on the bottom but it is kind of crunched.  It says "Item #60 (2(?)crunched words, one ending in -ty) BOWES"

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I'm not sure what this is.  Perhaps an armband? Speculations among my more travelled co-workers is that this is either Indian or African, and used as jewelery or for rhythym in dance.  It is 4" high, 4 1/2"long, 3 1/2" wide, and weighs 1.5 pounds (0.8 kilos).  It is very detailed and intricate.  There are hollowed out sections on the bottom which contain beads, which makes a rattle when shaken.   The front and back of the item have no capacity for beads, only the sides.   The layout is 3 non-bead, 4 bead, 3 non-bead, and 4 bead.  There are no maker's marks or identifying information that I have found.

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I found this radio at a metro Detroit flea market.  The front grille had something pushed into it at one point and was bowed in and in need of straightening and some glue.   The fabric behind the grille is gold and black interwoven, not brown as in the picture.  There are three knobs in front, 2 are missing.  There are all kinds of tubes in back, one tube, an RCA Radiotron UX 245, has the local label of "Leo Garrett Hardware  17808 John R (Madison Heights area) (phone) Longfellow 3084  We recommend Ken-Rad fine tubes  Tested by  Date  Acremeter Test".   The wood on the face might be Tiger Maple, the rest of the wood is stained dark and needs to be refinished.  It is 39" high, 25" wide, and 14" deep.   There are slots for 10 tubes; 9 are present.  I didn't try to weigh it.   I'm guessing it's about 40 lbs.  The cabinet is fairly light, the tube setup and speaker are heavy!  The electrical plug is bell-shaped, 2-prong; the speaker plug is 4-round prong.

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